What Companies Hire Part-Time Truck Drivers?

Schneider, Ryder and Stater Bros. all hire part-time truck drivers, as of 2015. These three companies have job postings on their websites, and Schneider and Ryder also have online job application portals, both of which require a personal account with a user name and password.

Part-time truck drivers with Schneider have flexible schedules, benefits, continual training and close-to-home driving. Schneider also works with drivers to ensure they can work around family time and other jobs. Part-time drivers also have access to company benefits, such as 401(k) matching and paid vacation, as well as access to company showers, cafeterias and other facilities. The website has a job search engine enabling job seekers to locate part-time trucking opportunities near them.

The online career center for Ryder has a two-part job search engine wherein applicants can enter a job type and location. Those looking for part-time trucking opportunities can then browse through the list of openings and click on the entries that interest them. Each entry contains a job description and a red Apply Now button that visitors can click on to begin the application process.

Stater Bros. job entries feature a job summary, a list of fundamental tasks, the required educational or experiential background and required licenses or certifications. Some entries require applications to be delivered in person.