What Companies Hire Envelope Stuffers and What Is Their Typical Pay Rate?


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Few to no legitimate companies hire envelope stuffers. Numerous companies place ads seeking to attract people interested in being paid to stuff envelopes, but these are not legitimate jobs that require submitting an application and interview to be hired. Envelope-stuffing companies never pay for this type of work. Instead, the job applicant receives materials pitching moneymaking schemes that require spending out-of-pocket cash.

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The United States Postal Inspection Service has shut down a number of fraudulent envelope-stuffing schemes. Fraudsters receive stop order notices and must sign consent agreements, or they face formal charges in criminal court. Envelope-stuffing scams usually make exaggerated earnings claims, with no proof backing up such claims. Those answering these ads receive encouragement to spend money on mailing materials that offer others the same opportunity to earn big money working from home.

Asking questions is a good way to tell if an advertised envelope-stuffing job is legitimate. Honest companies should be able to state how much money the job pays, if the job is commission only, and how often workers receive payment. They can also give details about specific job duties.

Ad responders must be wary of instructions to send for an envelope-stuffing starter kit because these may never arrive. Respondents should never divulge credit card information to companies running these schemes. Threatening to turn the company in to authorities may result in receipt of a refund from fraudulent schemers.

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