What Are Some Companies That Do a Good Job Protecting Their Customers' Information?

Companies that do a good job protecting their customers' information include Google, Microsoft and Apple, as reported by Computer Weekly. Yahoo, Twitter, Sonic, Dropbox, LinkedIn and Facebook also earn high scores for data protection and privacy as of 2015.

Customer data protection and privacy are huge issues in the digital age. After several high profile data breaches, customers often worry about whether the customer information that is stored on websites is safe.

Based on a review of terms of use, privacy policies and public statements, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Sonic, Twitter, Dropbox and CREDO Mobile rank highly in terms of customer data protection. A non-profit group for privacy for rights called the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) awarded up to six stars to companies based on its review criteria. Prominent companies that received low scores in the review include Amazon, AT&T, Comcast and Adobe. These companies tended to comply with government requests for data rather than fight them. Tumblr, Pinterest, Wordpress and LinkedIn scored somewhere in the middle. This was due to the fact that they do not fight government requests for data in court, notes the EFF.

In 2015, a different advocacy group called the Center for Plain Language conducted a review of privacy policies that ranked how understandable company privacy policies are. Google, Facebook and LinkedIn scored high in the review, whereas Uber, Twitter and Lyft scored closer to the bottom of the list.