What Are Some Companies That Give Donations to Charities?

Some examples of companies that give donations to charities are Walmart, Wells Fargo, Chevron and Goldman Sachs. These companies gave the largest cash donations to various charity organizations in 2013.

In 2013, Walmart donated $311 million to charities. The Walmart Foundation has a program called Volunteerism Always Pays, wherein it offers to give $250 to charities if their employees volunteered for such charities for 25 hours. If employees work 50 hours, Walmart donates $500 to that charity. Employees can receive up to four donations for their non-profit organizations this way.

In 2013, Wells Fargo donated over $275 million to charities. Wells Fargo pledges to match dollar-for-dollar when its employees make charitable donations to educational institutions or foundations. Wells Fargo also provides grants to local and national non-profit organizations that provide affordable housing to disadvantaged families.

Chevron donated $274 million to charities in 2013. Current employees of Chevron can request Chevron to match their donations to charities up to $30,000. Retired employees can get their donations matched by Chevron up to $3,000. Chevron has a close relationship with some non-profit organizations including Techbridge and the Houston Food Bank.

In 2013, Goldman Sachs gave $263 million to charity organizations. Goldman Sachs is focused on increasing educational opportunities, building communities and honoring military veterans.