What Are Some Companies That Engrave Metal Labels?

What Are Some Companies That Engrave Metal Labels?

Cascade Laser Corporation, A-1 Engraving Services and Inland Products are some companies that engrave metal labels. Metal Marker and EngraveItHouston.com also provide metal engraving services.

Cascade Laser Corporation is an Oregon company that provides online services for metal engraving. The company sells laser-engraved tags and gift items. Cascade offers an array of standard metal tags that they can engrave according to customer's orders.

The available labels come in different sizing and finish options. Customers choose a tag and then customize it with the desired text style, size and position. Cascade can also engrave logos on labels.

A-1 Engraving Services features a wide selection of metal labels including brass, stainless steel and aluminum. The labels come in sizes ranging from small to extra large, with larger sheets offering more lines for text. Customers can choose the color, font, shape and mounting style for the available labels.

Inland Products sells several aluminum labels that the company engraves using a metal printing process. The labels are available as small as 1-inch square and as large as 32-inch square. Customers can upload their own layouts, or the company can customize the layout.

Metal Marker offers customized services for engraving metal labels. EngraveItHouston.com uses CO2 and fiber laser systems to custom-engrave metal labels. The available metals are steel, stainless steel, aluminum, alloys and carbon steel.