What Are Some Companies That Customize Teardrop Flags?

What Are Some Companies That Customize Teardrop Flags?

Companies that print customized teardrop flags and banners include Banners.com, Displays2Go, FlagAndBanner.com and Signarama. Teardrop flags are designed for indoor and outdoor use, though they are not recommended for windy environments. Local regulations regarding flag use vary.

Banners.com allows users to design custom flags using a downloadable artwork template. As of September 2015, it can produce the teardrop flags in four different sizes. Instead of screen printing the flags, Banners.com prints with direct dye sublimation. The flag poles they use are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Displays2Go offers 11-foot teardrop flags available with either silkscreen or digitally imprinted color. If silkscreened, the flags can be one-, two-, three- or full-color. The cost increases with the amount of colors.

Their flags have different mounting options including a water base, a ground spike and a cross base with a water bag. As with Banners.com, users can upload their designs during the order process. Same-day shipping may be available as well.

FlagAndBanner.com can print teardrop flags in three different sizes. Their flags are printed in the USA on 200 denier nylon. FlagAndBanner.com has a reduced pricing system in place for a range of quantities; the larger the quantity of flags ordered, the lower the price per individual flag.

Signarama offers teardrop flags in a variety of sizes and materials including ecologically friendly ones. Signarama connects users with Signarama shops in their area.

Neither FlagAndBanner.com nor Signarama have online custom ordering available at this time.