How do companies best communicate their total rewards program for each employee?


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To best communicate a total rewards program, a company must develop an understanding of each employee's situation, explain relevant features and benefits and create personalized value messages. After the initial introduction to the program, HR representatives should repeat the message frequently to reaffirm each person's perception of the rewards value.

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A successful total rewards program benefits each employee differently, depending on the person's personal and professional status. The first step in effective total rewards communication is understanding what is important to each worker. A mother with children might be concerned about family health care plans, for example, while an entry-level employee may be more interested in the company's continuing education benefits.

Once the HR staff has identified the features and benefits that are most important to each employee, the staff can write and distribute value messages that are targeted to the individual. These personalized statements help employees understand how the total rewards program enhances their professional and personal lives.

Finally, the company must reinforce the value statement. Using email, social media and newsletters, HR staff should repeat the message and help employees can take advantage of their benefits. With enough repetition and explanation, employees are able to perceive the full value of the rewards.

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