What Companies Build Concrete Dome Homes?


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Companies that build concrete dome homes include the Monolithic Dome Institute and Dome Incorporated, as stated by CBS News. Domes for the World is another builder of concrete domes, although this nonprofit focuses on building sustainable ecoshells and monolithic domes worldwide, according to DFTW.

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The Monolithic Dome Institute is a Texas-based company that has been building domes for personal and public use for decades, explains CBS News. Dome Incorporated in Minnesota also builds domes. Concrete domes are designed to be one of the most energy-efficient, protective homes on the market. They can withstand Category 5 hurricanes, F5 tornadoes and wildfires. Despite the economical cost of building these homes, they remain an oddity in otherwise traditional neighborhoods, making them a difficult sell, as of 2015.

A typical dome contains several layers starting with the exterior cement coating, followed by airform, two layers of urethane, rebar and an inner shotcrete layer, states Monolithic Domes. Domes can be designed for churches, homes, schools, stadiums and cabins. As of 2015, state-of-the-art popped-up concrete dome construction relies heavily on inflatable shells, according to gizmag. The use of an inflatable shell cuts down on the construction time required for the supporting wooden structure onto which the concrete is built.

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