Why Do Companies Ask to Contact the Previous Employer?


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When applying for a job the interviewer may have many reasons for contacting the previous employer, such as confirming that the person applying for the job worked for the company they have on their application. Another reason is to inquire about the ability to get their job done and ask more about what they did. The interviewer may contact the former employer to obtain good references.

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When a former employer is asked about their former employee there are some legal and the company's human resource policies that must be followed. The former employer can legally say anything they want, but not without potential legal consequences, notes US Legal. This is why the human resource department sets rules to protect the employee in question.

Make sure when applying to a new job to be completely truthful and forthcoming with all information about the job that was previously held and if there were any professional issues with the employer. Do not bring up personal issues unless asked by the interviewer.

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