What Are Some Companies That Accept Online Job Applications?


Hobby Lobby, Menards and Target are just a few of the many stores that accept online job applications or resumes. Some of these businesses have their own online job applicant portals on their store websites.

Hobby Lobby, Menards, Target and most other stores that accept online job applications require new applicants to create a user account. This process usually consists of providing basic personal information and creating a user name and password. Once the account is created, the user usually only needs to provide the chosen user name and password in order to access the online job list or portal.

In addition to accepting online applications, many stores allow users to search for particular jobs or stores on the portal. The application process itself may take some time to complete, and stores such as Target may provide notification of the amount of time the applicant needs to complete the application. Target and some other stores have a "save" feature enabling applicants to save their work to finish at a later time. Target imposes a 48-hour time limit within which a saved application must be completed. Online applications often collect the same information as a traditional paper application, including personal contact information, legal status, age and other information. Some online applications may also include an employment assessment.