How Do You Communicate Effectively?


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Ways to communicate effectively include employing active listening, using and observing nonverbal cues, managing stress, and being emotionally aware. Other valuable tools for communicating skillfully are being authentic and maintaining good eye contact.

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Effective listening helps the person who is speaking feel satisfied that he has been heard. This helps to diffuse any anxiety or anger that he may be feeling, which can facilitate better communication with him. Exhibit active listening by using body language such as nodding or making regular eye contact. Try to avoid interrupting the speaker when he is talking. Show interest in what he is saying, and hold any comments until he is finished. When commenting, don't make judgmental statements. Instead, simply focus on letting the person know he was heard and understood.

Managing stress effectively is helpful in avoiding explosive communications. If a conversation has the potential to become heated, take a moment to breathe, unclench muscles and allow upsetting emotions to subside. This may help facilitate efforts to bring perspective and clarity to the matter. If necessary, take a walk, or otherwise get away from the situation for a bit. When coming back to finish the conversation, remember that sometimes effective communication means peacefully agreeing to disagree.

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