What Is Some Commonly Required Employment Testing?


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The most common pre-employment tests include employment personality tests, skills assessment tests and employment aptitude tests. Employers use these tests to minimize hiring mistakes and screen out unsuitable candidates.

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Employment personality tests seek to determine the personality characteristics of the applicant and how those characteristics relate to the job position. The tests can vary from long psychological evaluations to short written tests. They typically measure openness to experience, extroversion, agreeableness and emotional stability. Applicants cannot prepare for these tests because they do not have correct answers.

Many employers use some form of skills assessment test to determine whether the applicant has the right skill set for the job. The tests can vary from complex mechanical constructions to simple typing tests, and they sometimes go beyond evaluating technical skills. An applicant may be required to put the skills in practice by demonstrating physical strength by lifting a heavy load or coming up with a new way to market a product.

Lastly, employment aptitude tests seek to determine the ability of the applicant to perform the job at hand. The tests can be oral or written and are usually designed to evaluate verbal, written and numerical skills as well as reasoning ability. Aptitude tests determine whether the applicant is capable of performing certain job functions after training, while skills tests evaluate an applicant's skills prior to any additional training.

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