What Are Some Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions?

Some commonly asked job interview questions include questions about why the interviewee left her last position, questions about the applicant's experience and goals, and questions about why the candidate would be the best choice for filling the role. "Can you tell me a little about yourself?" is a fairly common interview question, often asked right off the bat to allow candidates to introduce themselves and their backgrounds in an advantageous way.

Job seekers should be prepared to answer questions about their specific work experience and achievements. They may also be asked to list things they did or didn't enjoy about previous employment experiences. Candidates may need to give an example of a challenge they overcame and explain how they were able to do so. Some questions are very direct, such as "How would your friends or coworkers describe you?" Others invite candidates to show some personality, such as "What animal would you be?"

There are some questions that interviewers are not legally allowed to ask candidates, including age, marital status and whether or not they have children. Interviewers may ask if an applicant is legally eligible to work in the United States, but may not ask about heritage. Hiring managers are also prohibited from asking about any financial obligations the candidate may have.