What Are Some Common Workplace Safety Messages?


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Safety messages such as “keep all exits clear,” “Caution! Wet floor,” “danger,” “watch your head,” “do not pass under a raised load” and “do not run” are common in workplaces, according to Workers Compensation Fund. Employees and visitors should find safety messages throughout any workplace.

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What Are Some Common Workplace Safety Messages?
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Safety messages warn people about the dangers they face, and they include both text and images that bear no text. No company, office or workplace is free from hazards, according to the Houston Chronicle. This makes it even more important to distribute safety messages.

There are also many general tips related to workplace safety, such as simply staying aware of the surrounding environment in order to identify potential hazards. Additionally, correct posture during work helps ensure proper health, according to Arbill. For instance, when working at a desk, it is important to maintain shoulders in line with the hips to reduce the risk of developing back problems.

The proper use of machinery and tools is key because shortcuts are the main cause of workplace injuries. Staying sober, taking regular breaks and reducing workplace stress ensure maximum concentration during work. Putting on the proper gear, especially in industrial settings, reduces the risk of injuries and death. All emergency exits should remain accessible to ensure a quick evacuation during accidents, explains Arbill.

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