What Are Some Common Ways to Use 3M Adhesives?


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Common uses for 3M adhesives include attaching nameplates, lighting fixtures, cushioning, foam and fabric. Additional common uses for 3M adhesives include ceramic or drywall bonding, waterproofing, panel bonding, concrete bonding, and creating a weather-resistant barrier.

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Use of 3M adhesive generally falls into the categories of attaching, bonding or building solutions. This type of adhesive is an industrial strength and works well for bonding materials that are otherwise difficult to bond. Using this type of adhesive can help hold materials together with increased strength and eliminate stress concentration, which is caused by spot welds, rivets, screws and other mechanical fasteners. Additionally, 3M adhesives provide invisible fastening, which helps improve a product's appearance. Not all material types are appropriate for 3M adhesives, but there are many types of 3M available including pastes, aerosols and tapes.

Also, many products use materials in the construction process that differ greatly, which creates a product with varying levels of strength. Using 3M adhesives helps strengthen weaker areas, despite the use of dissimilar substrates. The line of 3M adhesives also help improve a product's resistance to vibration and harsh environmental conditions including high or low temperatures, high winds, humidity, and water exposure. This type of adhesive is also typically a good choice for those who require high-speed bonding, rather than heat, pressure or fixturing applications.

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