What Are Some Common Voiceover Jobs?


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Some common voiceover jobs include recording audio books, playing characters in an animated film or program, reading lines for a radio commercial, and narrating sections of a documentary. Many video games also require voiceover work for characters, ranging from lead roles to small parts and background voices.

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What Are Some Common Voiceover Jobs?
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One common type of voiceover work involves audio-only commercials for use over traditional and digital radio stations. These jobs may include acting out a role, such as a person dealing with an issue to which the advertising company has a solution, or narrating the ad and serving as the main source of information on the product. Similarly, many visual commercials require voiceover work for either a narrator or another aspect of the ad. This type of work may be less common than audio-only commercials, as its availability depends on the nature of the ad.

Another type of voiceover work is that of an actor for an animated feature. This work is similar to that of an on-screen actor in that it involves memorizing lines of dialog for a specific character. However, in many of these types of voiceover roles, the actor does not work directly with other voice actors, but instead records her lines all at once in the recording studio. The same is true for video game voice acting, as an actor may also record lines for various background and side characters.

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