What Are Some Common Uses of Natural Gas?


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Natural gas is an important source of energy with commercial and industrial uses and for domestic consumption in private homes. Natural gas is easily transformed into energy but is also used for heating houses and powering cars, trucks and other vehicles employed in public transport. The employment of natural gas for fueling vehicles is quite promising, since it's a clean, cheap and an efficient alternative to petrol.

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The most important use of natural gas is currently in the field of power generation. This takes place in specialized gas power plants that currently create at least 20 percent of the world's energy production. Heating and cooking are other major ways of exploiting this natural resource, in particular for domestic and commercial use. Modern technology has also found a way to use natural gas to create simultaneously both power and heat, using only one process. This is called "cogeneration" in technical terms.

Car manufacturers are investing a lot of resources in research for the creation and improvement of new natural gas vehicles. These have the advantage of combining cheap running costs with low emissions. Natural gas is also used to create ammonia, which is often involved in the production of agricultural fertilizers and hydrogen. Hydrogen is a vital element in the chemical industry and in the industrial processes of oil refineries.

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