What Are Some Common Types of Forestry Equipment?


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Some common types of forestry equipment include forwarders, skidders, mulchers and shovel loggers. Other common forestry equipment types are backhoes and saw-bucks. Forest machinery fits into one of four categories: logging machines, log landing machines, forest road machines and wood transport machines.

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A forester is a type of machinery that carries small or short logs from the stump to the landing on the road. The operator uses a grapple to load and unload the logs. A skidder is a log puller, which grasps the logs or even whole trees and pulls them off the ground and through the brush. Foresters use skidders of all sizes depending on the type of trees and location.

A mulcher is a machine that grinds the brush limbs and tops of trees into mulch. Often the mulch helps to improve the habitat and prepare for reforestation. A shovel logger is a boom logger, which swings logs from the forest to the landing.

A backhoe is another common machine for forestry, and teams often use it to move small amounts of dirt and debris. Backhoes are also good for maintaining ditches, installing culverts and making minor road repairs. A saw-buck is a type of equipment that allows workers to saw trees at the landing. A loader brings the tree to the saw-buck for cutting.

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