What Are Some Common Types of Condominium Floor Plans?


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Common types of condominium floor plans are studio, one bedroom and two bedroom plans. Exact features and layouts vary depending on the apartment, but these plans provide a general idea of the apartment.

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A studio apartment has one main room which serves as the apartment's living area and bedroom. The kitchen is also typically part of this room, although it may be separated by a wall. The bathroom is a separate room.

A one bedroom apartment has a bedroom, a living room and bathroom, all of which are in separate rooms. The kitchen usually connects to the living room, although it's also usually separated. A bedroom must meet certain requirements to legally be referred to as a bedroom. These requirements vary depending on the area, but common requirements include meeting a minimum size and having a window. The bathroom may be accessible from the living room or bedroom.

A two bedroom apartment has the same features as a one bedroom apartment, with an additional bedroom. Floor plans with the bedrooms next to each other and on opposite ends of the apartment are both common.

The number of bathrooms varies, but studios and one bedroom apartments usually have one bathroom, while two bedrooms have one or two. In two bedroom apartments, the bathroom may be centrally located or next to a bedroom.

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