What Are Some Common Types of Business Stamps?

What Are Some Common Types of Business Stamps?

Handle mounted stamps, stock message stamps, date stamps, seal stamps and revenue stamps are some of the common types of business stamps. Stamps need to be accurate because they contain words that a business uses repetitively.

A handle mounted stamp is the most popular type of business stamp. A company personalizes such a stamp with its logo, name or the product name for a specific marketing event. However, a handle mounted stamp requires a stamp pad. The handle mounted over the stamp frame gives the person using the stamp a grip.

Stock message stamps have specific messages for various applications. Some of the popular stock message stamps include duplicate, confidential, paid, received and urgent among others.

The purpose of date stamps is to print dates. They have a rotating style, and a business can use them for many years. A business can customize the stamps by adding its name next to the date. Besides, a business can add specific messages to the date. Some of the specific messages that a business can add include delivered, paid, cancelled and received among others.

Seal stamps have the logo or round seal of the business. They give a crisp and clear impression of the business logo, and manufacturers make them with high precision.

Revenue stamps are necessary when dealing with legal documents. They are one way that the business can use to pay the government taxes and charges for specific activities. Businesses dealing with liquor, tobacco and drugs are the ones that use revenue stamps the most.