What Are Some Common Third Shift Jobs?

What Are Some Common Third Shift Jobs?

Common third shift jobs include fire fighter, security guard, customer service executive, baggage handler and nurse. Many industries offer third shift workers financial premiums. Benefits of working third shift may include fewer meetings, fewer people to compete with for a promotion and greater autonomy.

Fire fighters are scheduled for day or night shifts and can work up to 28 hours at one stretch. Fire fighter qualifications include being at least 18 years old, having at least a high school diploma and having fire fighting certification. EMT certification may also be required for the job. Many fire fighters begin their careers by taking community college courses and volunteering at a fire station.

Security guards work in different environments including casinos, warehouses and apartment complexes. A high school diploma is usually sufficient for an entry level position. People looking for senior positions are required to have fire arms training and certification and a post secondary education. Transportation security officers working for federal government airports come with good opportunities for career advancements and benefits.

Companies that offer round the clock support hire third shift workers. Executives are trained in troubleshooting customer issues and attending to queries. Some companies have telecommuting executive positions.

Baggage handler is a good entry level role for a person keen on entering the airline industry. Baggage handlers are responsible for loading, unloading and carting passenger baggage in the airline industry.

Lastly, many hospitals assign nurses the third shift on a rotational basis.