What Are Some Common Tenant Complaints?

What Are Some Common Tenant Complaints?

Common tenant complaints include unanswered work orders, security deposit refunds, neighborhood disturbances and slow response to inquiries. Good communication is the key to dealing with tenant complaints.

Tenants often complain about electric, appliance or plumbing repair requests not being acknowledged. A good landlord responds to tenants’ requests timely and keeps them updated about the progress. Some landlords provide tenants with lists of approved service companies, enabling the tenants to take initiative when there is a problem.

Another common tenant complaint concerns security deposit refunds, especially if the lease does not expressly state the conditions for refunding or withholding security deposits. Landlords should handle the process in an itemized and fair manner. Ideally, tenants should also be made aware of specific items that are damaged and require repair or replacement before deductions to the deposit.

Common complaints about neighbors include fighting, pets, music and upstairs stomping. A good landlord helps solve such problems in an amicable way or takes more stringent measures such as filing a noise complaint where necessary.

Lastly, slow or lack of response to tenant inquiries is a common complaint. This is especially the case for inquiries that do not necessarily fall under the responsibility of the landlord or property manager, such as unusually high utility bills. A good way to solve such problems is to offer advice or relevant contact numbers and follow up on the progress.