What Are Some Common Tax Questions for the IRS?


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Common tax questions presented to the Internal Revenue Service are ones that deal with claiming dependents, refunds and changes to the tax code, according to the IRS. Other frequent queries seek clarification on reporting address changes, the proper filing status and utilizing payment plans.

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The Internal Revenue Service gets thousands of questions every year, asking about everything from filing procedures to changes in the tax codes, states the IRS. In addition, the agency receives inquires on the deductions available to businesses, who can be listed as a dependent, and what types of income have to be declared. The most frequently asked questions deal with IRS procedures, including how to correct a mistake on a return that has already been filed, how to handle a joint return when a spouse passes away during the tax year, and what to do if you lose your refund check.

In addition, the IRS gets a lot of questions about deductions, primarily which expenses can be legally deducted and whether to itemize deductions or claim a standard deduction. As more taxpayers opt to file their returns electronically, the agency receives questions on how to submit a paperless return, notes the IRS. Many of these inquiries deal with what software to use, what to do if the agency rejects an electronic filing, and filing deadlines.

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