What Are Some Common Subcontractor Jobs?

What Are Some Common Subcontractor Jobs?

Common subcontractor jobs include jobs in the construction industry, such as electrical work, plumbing, painting and dry-walling. Laying carpeting, landscaping and making cabinetry are other common forms of subcontracting work.

A subcontractor is someone who is awarded part of a contract that another person or entity is awarded. The subcontractor performs some of the work outlined in the contract. There are a number of different industries that use subcontractors, such as construction, aerospace, government agencies, manufacturing and Internet technology.

Contractors can charge their clients on a lump-sum basis, by the hour or by the day, and contracts usually outline specific milestones regarding the payments. Subcontractors usually have a separate contract with the contractor, but an employee of the contractor cannot be a subcontractor. However, the contractor is responsible for the work they hire a subcontractor to perform.

Subcontractors are not usually considered employees and are instead independent contractors. If the owner of the original contract fails to pay the contractor for the work, which subsequently results in the subcontractor not being paid, the subcontractor can file a mechanics lien against the property that the subcontractor worked on.

The environment as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the subcontractor vary by industry. Some subcontractors sit in an office or may work from home, while other subcontractors may work on-site, and there may be a variety of physical risks attached to each job.