What Are Some Common Short Term Goals?


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Common short-term goals revolve around career, personal development, finance and fitness. Short-term goals are typically part of a larger overall goal that the individual has broken into smaller, more achievable goals.

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There are many common career goals. These include showing up to work on time more regularly, finishing projects more quickly, keeping a workplace area more tidy and learning new skills relevant to one's career. These goals typically involve not only enhancing the quality of the individual's life but improving the lives of his coworkers and boss by creating a happier work environment.

Personal development goals may include hanging out with friends more regularly, avoiding negativity, being more gracious in volunteering time, and avoiding stress whenever possible. Some personal goals are more health-oriented, such as eating a proper diet and going to the doctor more often. For many people, such goals are ongoing as part of an objective to continuously improve themselves.

Financial goals include setting and sticking to budgets regularly, minimizing unnecessary spending, saving for vacations and generally ensuring a regular flow of income. Many see these financial goals as a critical component of reducing stress.

Fitness goals include setting regular exercise routines, setting goals for weight loss, buying workout attire and acquiring a gym membership. These goals may collectively add years to an individual's life.

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