What Are Some Common Sales Aids for Mary Kay Beauty Consultants?

What Are Some Common Sales Aids for Mary Kay Beauty Consultants?

The Mary Kay starter kit comes with brochures and DVDs, including the Start Earning Now magazine and the Start Something Beautiful DVD, to provide sales tips and business advice. Mary Kay offers a beauty consultant education series at its online university, The Silver Wings Scholar ProgramSM. Additional business support is offered through company-sponsored events and meetings, email and print publications like Applause magazine, and the shared knowledge of fellow independent beauty consultants and sales directors.

New beauty consultants receive an exclusive free subscription to Applause, Mary Kay's independent sales force magazine, each month. This magazine provides tips on using Mary Kay beauty products, sales advice, information about upcoming events, updates on the latest beauty trends and lifestyle profiles of fellow beauty consultants.

During the first few weeks of work, beauty consultants receive emails from the company with advice on getting starting and setting up a successful independent business. Other independent beauty consultants and sales directors are there to answer questions and give advice based on their knowledge and experience in the industry. Mary Kay customer service representatives are also available to answer questions; simply call the company for a representative to assist you.

The Silver Wings Scholar ProgramSM host an education series that offers business tips for beauty consultants, including how to build your customer base, the proper steps to take after making a sale, and how to manage and sell inventory.

Team meeting and company-sponsored events are also organized to teach best practices and encourage motivation, hearing inspirational stories from fellow consultants and sales professionals.