What Are Some Common Safety Checks?


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Common safety checks for commercial buildings include proper visibility of building addresses including unit and suite numbers, and unobstructed exits, fire escapes and stairways, according to the City of Portland, Oregon. Other safety requirements include clearly marked secondary exits, illuminated exit signs; cover plates for all switches and electrical boxes; and 30-inch clearances in front of electrical panels. Fire doors and fire extinguishers must function properly, and workers should discontinue permanent extension cord use.

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To save precious time in emergencies, responders should be able to see commercial building addresses from the street at the front of the buildings, and to view the unit or suite letters or numbers with ease, explains the City of Portland, Oregon. All exits must be easily accessible and free of merchandise, debris, combustible material and clutter. Exit signage must be operational, with all bulbs working in lighted exits when people are in the building. Backup or emergency lighting must function properly.

Automatic self-closing fire doors must be in their correct latching position, and not propped open with doorstops, notes the City of Portland, Oregon. Properly operating doors prevent smoke and fire from spreading, which saves lives and property. A major cause of fire is the use of extension cords and adapters with multiple plugs as permanent wiring. The connected equipment can cause an electrical circuit overload.

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