What Are the Most Common Rooms Found in an Apartment? [difficult]?


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Though the specific layouts and styles may vary between apartments, they commonly feature a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living space. Depending on size, the apartment may feature multiple bedrooms or bathrooms, a separate dining room, or a study or storage space.

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Apartment listings typically categorize units according to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as these are the basic required spaces for normal occupancy, though many often feature an additional space for preparing food and for entertaining guests. As apartments are usually smaller than full houses, they are limited in the number and type of rooms; for example, they may have a combination living room that also serves as the dining room. As apartments increase in size, it is common to find additional bedrooms, thus allowing for a higher occupancy number. Some larger apartments may also include an additional bathroom attached to one of the additional bedrooms.

Smaller apartments, known as studios, further reduce the number of rooms by combining the bedroom with the entertaining and dining spaces. Many of these apartments do feature a separate kitchen space and bathroom, though these are often smaller in size as well. Some studios offer a kitchenette instead of a standard kitchen, which may not feature amenities such as a stove or sink. It is also common for some studio apartment buildings to feature shared restrooms or showers as well.

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