What Are Some Common Requirements for Obtaining a Teacher's Degree?


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A teaching degree requires the completion of a bachelor's degree with both general education and teaching courses. Many universities incorporate a teacher preparation program into the education degree requirements.

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What Are Some Common Requirements for Obtaining a Teacher's Degree?
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Education majors begin with the same general education requirements that most other four-year students take. This includes areas such as the humanities, sciences and math. These courses generally take about two years to complete.

The teacher education program incorporates classes related specifically to teaching or to the teaching specialty. A math education major takes several math classes, while an elementary education teacher takes classes on a variety of subjects. Other classes cover teaching skills, such as classroom management, child development and evaluating student progress.

Another component of the teacher education program required to earn an education degree is fieldwork in real classrooms. Education majors often participate in short classroom experiences throughout the teacher education program. The degree culminates with a semester-long student teaching experience. During student teaching, the education major works full time in a classroom, learning on the job.

Earning a teaching degree isn't the only requirement to become a teacher in most states. While the requirements vary, teaching candidates often must complete standardized tests and a background check to qualify for a teaching license.

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