What Are Some Common Reasons for Life Insurance Rates to Rise for Individuals?


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Common reasons for life insurance rates to rise for individuals include smoking, weight gain, traffic violations and heart disease, according to Forbes. Other factors that may cause life insurance premiums to rise include depression, cancer, high cholesterol and substance abuse problems. Diabetes, asthma and genetics may affect the cost of life insurance. People who regularly perform dangerous activities at a job or as a hobby may have increased life insurance premiums.

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It takes one year after quitting smoking to get a non-smokers' life insurance rate, and it may take up to three years to receive a top-tier rate, notes Forbes. Life insurance rates often rise based on the amount of excess weight a person carries. Even being 10 pounds overweight may raise premiums in some cases.

People who have had more than two driving violations within three years are probably not able to get the lowest life insurance rates, states Forbes. High blood pressure and other conditions related to the cardiovascular system may cause rates to rise, or some policies may not cover them at all .

People who have had cancer usually can't get the best possible life insurance rates, according to Forbes. The cost varies depending on the status of the disease, although there are insurance companies that may not inquire about cancer. Contacting an insurance broker is the best way to locate a life insurance provider for a cancer survivor.

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