What Are Some Common Questions on Surveys About Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction survey questions often measure how satisfied the customer is with a product or level of service by asking whether the customer is likely to continue using a company's products and services and how much value the customer obtained from that use. Surveys can also ask customers how often they use a particular product, if the product lived up to expectations, and which attributes stood out most.

Companies can include survey questions that ask the customer to compare its products to competitor brands. Asking customers if they would refer the company's products to a friend is common. Some questions focus on the quality of customer service. A multiple choice question asking how well the company resolved customer problems is standard practice. Surveys including multiple choice answers often use a sliding scale, and respondents choose how strongly they agree or disagree with a statement.

Survey questions should be as unbiased as possible. Survey questions should not include superlative words such as "friendly" or "quickly" that instill a biased viewpoint. Surveys questions should be clear, concise and designed with busy consumers in mind. Most consumers don't answer every survey question, and too many questions can negatively impact the quality of the feedback. Customer satisfaction surveys must steer clear of hypothetical questions, and questions that confuse respondents.