What Are Common Questions Asked in a Job Interview?


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Examples of common job interview questions include "Why are you interested in this position?", "What's your salary range?" and "Do you have any questions for me?" Job interviewers will also often ask potential employees to talk a little bit about themselves, and discuss information about their last job. It's good to practice answers before an interview so they don't sound too rehearsed.

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When discussing information about themselves, interviewees should offer a brief response that tells who they are professionally, their current career plans, and any special skills they possesses. It's best to base this response on recent professional experiences and keep personal details out of the equation.

When asked about why they are interested in the position, interviewees should explain which aspects of the position interest them the most. At this point in the interview, it's best to stay away from anything related to salary, benefits, or other aspects that might indicate a lack of interest in the actual day-to-day intricacies of the position. Interviewees should convey their enthusiasm for performing the job day after day.

In regards to questions about previous positions, responses should be free of complaints and grievances against old supervisors, managers or co-workers. This question is a good chance to convey a desire to be challenged, earn a better salary or communicate an intention or desire to move to a new location.

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