What Are Some Common Questions Asked in an Interview to Be a Probation Officer?


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Common questions asked in a probation interview include questions about handling difficult situations, managing the caseload and having proper organization skills. Due to a probation officer having a stressful position, the questions cover important skills this person needs to have.

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The interviewer may ask the candidate how to handle difficult situations and ask about a specific time when the applicant had to deal with a tricky situation. The interviewer wants to know what the problem was and how she solved it. The interviewer may ask if the person would have done anything differently now that she looks back on it. Another common question asks about when a risk was taken at work and whether or not the applicant believes it was the right decision.

Communication skills are important for a probation officer to have, so this is another question asked during the interview. It is often worded to ask the individual when she had a positive influence on others due to her good communication and interpersonal skills. She also might be asked about when she dealt with problems related to co-workers and what she could have done differently.

During the probation interview, the applicant may field questions about handling a stressful work environment. The interview questions also may go over the person’s patience with others and how she deals with stress or disappointment in the workplace.

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