What Are Some Common Questions Asked During Scholarship Interviews?

What Are Some Common Questions Asked During Scholarship Interviews?

Common scholarship-interview questions include "Tell me about yourself?" and "Describe a challenging situation that you have overcome?" The scholarship interview may be the one opportunity you have to impress the review committee, so prepare yourself to answer a wide range of questions.

Be prepared to answer other common questions such as, "Why do you deserve this scholarship?", "Describe your leadership skills?" and "How do you plan to use your education to give back to your community?"

The scholarship questions often relate to the organization providing the scholarship. The questions are also likely to focus on your goals, values and your personal history. Frame your answers positively and focus on how you overcome your adversities, problem-solve your difficulties and critically analyze your decision making.

When you leave the interview, make sure to shake hands with all the interviewers and thank them for the opportunity to meet with them.

There are many places to look for scholarships. Earning a local scholarship is more likely than earning a national scholarship because there are fewer candidates for local scholarships. High school students can visit the college and career centers on their high school campus or visit the counselor's office for information about available options. College students can visit the financial aid office to inquire about scholarships.