What Are Some Common Questions Answered by a Human Resources Department?


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Human resource departments commonly answer questions pertaining to job benefits, employment, labor relations, and training and development. One common job benefit question asks when an employee can change her benefits plan? Different HR departments may have different answers to this question.

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For example, the HR department at the Prairie View A&M University answers this question by stating that university employees can change their benefits plan once a year during the University's annual enrollment period.

HR departments also answer questions about what jobs are available at the company or organization. At Stockton University in New Jersey, for instance, the HR department answers enquiries about available jobs by directing interested parties to the University's HR web services employment opportunities page.

HR departments also answer labor-related questions regarding who needs to approve employee leave of absence requests. The University of Tennessee in Knoxville answers this question by providing a list of the different kinds of leaves available to its employees, how much time is given for each leave, and who an employee needs to contact to approve the leave request.

The HR department usually answers questions about available training and professional development options by providing a referral to the company's professional development office, employee and organization development department, or comparable division.

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