What Are Some Common Questions for an Administrative Assistant Interview?

According to About.com, two common questions for an administrative assistant interview are along the lines of: “What are your computer skills, and what programs do you know well?” and “How do you handle multiple phone lines and a large amount of phone calls?” Monster.com gives several examples of hard-skills questions, such as: “What is the most recent version of Microsoft Excel you've used?" and "Have you created formulas in Excel?”

Many common administrative assistant interview questions also center around time management. Some examples are: "Describe a high-stress time when you had to prioritize tasks and meet a deadline," and "What tools do you use in time management?" Another question could be: "What processes should companies follow to make administrative tasks more efficient?"

Administrative assistant interview questions are often wide-ranging, because the position encompasses many skill sets. Interview questions often include typical queries such as "What is your greatest strength?" and "Tell me about your greatest weakness."

Questions having to do with teamwork are common. They may include: "Describe a situation in which you used teamwork to get a project accomplished," "What is your philosophy on teamwork and collaboration?" and "What kind of corporate culture do you think you would do best in?"