What Are Some Common Problems With Used Office Cabinets?

What Are Some Common Problems With Used Office Cabinets?

The most common problems with used office cabinets are cosmetic damage and structural damage. Cosmetic damage includes scratches, dents and other minor marks. Structural damage can make a cabinet tough to use; for example, a bent drawer may be difficult to open and close. When purchasing online or over the phone, make sure to ask for recent, detailed photographs.

In some cases used office cabinets may be missing parts, such as door handles. These are generally replaceable, but it may be difficult to find an exact match.

Additionally, the locks or keys may be missing or broken. If you intend to use the cabinets for sensitive files, make sure to inquire about the locking system before making a purchase.

When buying used office products, there is usually only a limited number of any given unit available for sale. This can make it difficult to furnish an office consistently.

Office cabinets may also be deceptively heavy, making placing them within the office difficult. Ask the seller for a weight estimate before purchasing.

Finally, most used furniture is out of its original warranty. However, if you are purchasing through a used office furniture dealer as opposed to purchasing directly from another business, the used dealer may offer its own warranty.