What Are Some Common Private Driving Jobs?


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Common private driving jobs include taxi drivers, chauffeurs and transit drivers. Private drivers are often required to do basic car maintenance and check for problems, in addition to driving people.

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What Are Some Common Private Driving Jobs?
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Taxi drivers generally use a meter to determine taxi fare. Taxi drivers who work as part of a team may be alerted by dispatchers and told where to pick up passengers. Drivers may also pick up passengers at train stations, hotels, airports or cab stands. Taxi drivers in large cities may also drive around looking for passengers, but the practice is illegal in some cities.

Chauffeurs may drive private cars, vans or limousines to take passengers to prearranged destinations. They may work for a government agency, private business, an individual or for hire. Chauffeurs working for private individuals may double up as executive assistants and given additional responsibilities, such as planning itineraries.

Transit drivers transport people with special needs, such as the disabled and the elderly. They typically drive special vehicles to cater to a variety of non-emergency needs. Such cars are often equipped with wheelchair lifts to help passengers board and disembark the vehicle.

Important qualities for private drivers include dependability, customer service skills, hand-to-eye coordination, math skills and map reading skills. Private drivers are required to have regular automobile driver’s licenses and other special licenses, depending on the states and local municipalities in which they work.

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