What Are Some Common Pickup Truck Jobs?


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Some common pickup truck jobs include hauling, delivery, yard work and cleaning. These jobs all make use of a pickup truck’s capacity for storing and transporting items.

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Hauling material is an inexpensive business venture, requiring few investments other than a functioning truck. Truck owners can transport junk, yard waste, firewood, lumber and other goods easily, and the only other equipment typically needed is inexpensive supplies such as dollies, furniture pads, straps and bungie cords. Working with residential customers and small businesses is often the best bet for truck owners, as commercial jobs generally require larger vehicles.

Delivery is also a common choice for truck owners. This typically involves delivering retail items to stores, including furniture, gardening supplies and small appliances. A truck with a full-size bed and possibly a trailer is a convenient, secure way to transport cargo. A shell over the bed is also useful to protect items from the elements. A private courier service, which transports letters and packages of all sizes, is also a practical choice for a pickup truck owner.

Yard work is an obvious choice for pickup truck owners. Equipment for basic yard work such as mowing, pruning, mulching and weeding can easily fit in the bed of a truck. A truck bed is also capable of hauling away yard waste. More advanced landscaping work is also quite possible with a pickup.

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