What Are Some Common Pharmacy Jobs?


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The most common pharmacy jobs are retail pharmacy, clinical pharmacy and long-term care pharmacy jobs. Others are nuclear pharmacy, home infusion and chemotherapy, and pharmaceutical benefit management jobs.

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What Are Some Common Pharmacy Jobs?
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Retail pharmacy careers involve dispensing of medications at the grocery stores or drugstores. This may require working long hours since most stores remain open 24 hours a day.

Clinical pharmacists work together with physicians to determine the medication and dosages that are most effective for patients. Long-term care pharmacists work at homes for the elderly and incapacitated. They are sometimes referred to as "closed-door pharmacists" since they don't interact with the patients. The prescriptions are delivered by the nurses at the homes.

A nuclear pharmacist's job involves measuring and delivering radioactive materials used in digital imaging such as MTIs, CT, and other office procedures. The pharmacists responsible for accurately mixing chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients are called home infusion chemotherapy pharmacists. Pharmaceutical benefit management jobs involve negotiating with health insurance companies regarding coverage and reimbursement amounts for drugs.

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