What Are Some Common Nursing Procedures?


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Intravenous therapy, pain assessment and seizure management are common nursing procedures, according to the University of Texas Health Science Center. Intravenous therapy is a nursing procedure that involves insertion of an IV line, administration of fluids or medication through that line, and monitoring patients for complications, according to Healthline. This procedure needs to be preformed using sterile techniques to reduce the risk of infection at the site of the IV.

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Nurses are responsible for assessing the presence of pain in patients and providing the appropriate pain management interventions, explains Medscape. The gold standard of pain assessment is nurses asking their patients to report on the intensity and quality of their pain. Nurses usually use the Numeric Pain Intensity Scale, where patients rate their pain between zero and ten. Sometimes, patients are unable to self-report their pain scores because they are sedated, confused or cognitively impaired. In this instance, nurses must rely on other pain assessment procedures, such as observing behaviors, asking family members, and trying an analgesic and looking for changes in behavior.

Another common responsibility of nurses is seizure management procedures, reports the University of Texas Health Science Center. These procedures involve protecting the patient from injury, avoiding the use of restraints or putting objects in his mouth, and not giving medications or fluids to the patient until he is alert and conscious. Nurses should also explain what happened when a patient comes out of a seizure.

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