What Are the Common Mistakes Made on a Written Resume?

What Are the Common Mistakes Made on a Written Resume?

Common mistakes on resumes include grammatical errors and typos, ignoring keywords and using too many words. A resume should be appropriate for the position a job seeker is applying for and should not mailed en masse.

Many people miss grammatical errors and typos on their resumes despite reviewing them numerous times. Letting another person read the resume and check for mistakes may help to avoid this problem.

Another common mistake job seekers make is sending the same resume to multiple organizations. A good resume is tailored to fit each job description as closely as possible to give a hiring manager confidence in the applicant.

Hiring software is commonly used to narrow down the number of resumes being considered, especially in larger companies. The software is designed to pick out specific keywords, and the resumes that meet the standard move on to hiring managers. Keywords can usually be spotted in the job description. They are words or phrases relevant to a specific position or industry and are often repeated multiple times in the job description.

A good resume is short and precise, preferably less than two pages. Resumes for top-level positions may however be longer. Job seekers are advised to review their resumes and rephrase or exclude non-essential information.