What Are Some Common Mercy Care Health Plans?


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Common Mercy Care health plans include Mercy Care Plan, Mercy Care Plan Long Term Care and Mercy Care Advantage, according to Mercy Care’s website. These health plans cover various programs that are beneficial to members.

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Members under Mercy Care Plan benefit from member handbooks and case management, states the company’s website. A handbook helps a member to understand how he gets the services and care he needs. The handbook contains services covered under this plan, health tips, rights and responsibilities of a member and phone contacts of service providers. A case manager gives direction on how to get services to improve health.

Mercy Care Plan Long Term Care members also get handbooks and management benefits, notes the company’s website. This plan provides members with services that include home and community-based services, day treatment, home-delivered meals and spouse attendant care. Medical services provided in this plan include routine physical examinations; health risk assessment and screening; and nutritional assessments.

Mercy Care Advantage Plan members benefit from coordination of benefits arrangement. When a member enrolls in another Medicaid plan, his Medicaid benefits are provided and paid for by that plan, explains Mercy Care. Members who lose this coverage or have additional health insurance with a federal program or an employer are supposed to notify the service providers so they can take care of their health care expenses.

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