What Are Some Common Jobs for People Over 50?


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Careers with high numbers of people over 50 include farming and ranching, retail sales, management and supervision, cleaning, truck driving, administration, bookkeeping, accounting and real estate. Careers with high percentages of seniors in comparison to other employees include farming, funeral services, tax preparation, clergy, barbers and tax preparation, as reported by U.S. News.

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Careers with good job prospects for people over 50 include medical assistants, bookkeeping, tax preparation, contract work, college instructor, patient advocacy, personal care aide and event planning, according to a 2013 AARP report. A variety of employers in other fields are also becoming more open to hiring workers over 50. Businesses such as MetLife, McKinsey and Stanley Consultants have programs designed to hire and retain older employees or have internship programs designed to help retrain workers over 50.

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