What Are Some Common Jobs Offered by Boeing?

What Are Some Common Jobs Offered by Boeing?

Some common jobs offered by Boeing are in business, information technology, manufacturing, cybersecurity and engineering. Boeing manufactures, designs, and sells satellites, airplanes, and rockets. Hence, the company hires individuals with a background in science and engineering to help build these aircrafts. The company not only needs engineers, but also hires business-minded individuals to help sell and buy different goods and services.

Boeing hires electrical, structural, software, mechanical, and aeronautical engineers. All these engineers play a vital role in helping Boeing maintain an innovate edge among its competitors.

Some manufacturing careers in Boeing include aircraft mechanic, electrician, plumber, welder and painter. These individuals play an essential role in crafting the company's aerospace products.

The cybersecurity jobs offered in Boeing are for individuals interested in working on defense and intelligence security projects, while the information technology jobs help produce the cutting-edge technology that ensure the planes run smoothly.

The business professions offered by Boeing are financial professionals, human resources and supplier management. Financial professionals play a major role in helping the company decide on critical business decisions. Human resources professionals help Boeing employees maintain a healthy professional well-being and also develop leadership skills through training programs. Supplier management staff are responsible for buying the components used in manufacturing Boeing products.