What Are Some Common Jobs at Charter Schools?


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Common jobs at charter schools include administrative positions, career advisers, security guards and custodial workers. Charter schools also regularly employ educators across numerous disciplines, including sciences, history, English, math and physical education, carrying similar standards and requirements to those of public school positions.

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Charter schools resemble public schools in many regards, with the most significant difference being a greater level of freedom in exchange for higher accountability from parents, teachers and funding partners. As such, the schools employ many of the same positions as other types of educational institutions, including a wide array of support staff. These schools regularly post jobs for administrators to work in the front office, coordinating schedules, aiding the principal or communicating with parents regarding student attendance. They also hire custodial staff to continually keep the grounds clean, food preparation workers and cashiers, and security guards to monitor the school during operating hours and to patrol the grounds at night.

The majority of the positions available at charter schools are for educators, covering the full spectrum of standard curriculum. General job listing sites and specialty charter school recruitment sites typically offer tools that allow users to locate open positions according to academic specialty, such as chemistry, algebra or world history, as well as the grade level. It is common for charter schools to focus on multiple grade levels, typically in a high school or middle school segment.

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