What Are Some Common Job Skills?

What Are Some Common Job Skills?

Some common job skills include time management, problem solving, communication and listening skills, and the ability to work as part of a team. These skills are often referred to as transferable, as they are useful in many different jobs.

Time management skills make it possible to efficiently organize and complete projects. People who possess good time management skills are able to meet deadlines and rarely fall behind in their work. They also know how to prioritize urgent tasks over less crucial projects.

Problem-solving skills include the ability to identify problems, brainstorm possible solutions, make a plan to achieve the necessary goals and carry the plan out to completion. Employees who can solve problems are extremely valuable to the companies they work for.

People with good communication skills not only know how to clearly convey messages to colleagues but also listen actively to what other people are saying. Good communication skills also include the ability to communicate in writing with proper grammar and spelling. People with good communication skills successfully build relationships with their co-workers and customers.

Employees with good teamwork skills know how to work effectively in groups. They are cooperative and know how to lead other team members or to be active participants. They share responsibility for projects and are dependable.