What Are Some Common Items That Contain Latex?


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Some common items that contain latex are dental dams, elastic bands, gloves and adhesive bandages. Many balloons, condoms and blood pressure cuffs are also made of latex material.

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Many items made of latex are used in the medical field, such as latex gloves, therapy and resistance bands, bandages, diaphragms and blood pressure cuffs. Others include stethoscope tubing, tourniquets, red rubber catheters and vial stoppers. Some dental-related latex items include dental dams, orthodontic elastics and gutta perch, which is used to seal root canals.

Some other miscellaneous items that might have traces of latex include pencil erasers, dishwashing gloves, Koosh balls, pacifiers and baby bottle nipples, and latex mattresses. Art and graphic supplies such as sticky tape, paint, markers and glitter glue might contain some traces of latex. There is also latex in some types of asphalt, earphones and earbuds, ballpoint pens, books and sports balls.

For someone that is allergic to latex, many items serve as good alternatives. For example, adhesives such as Aquagrip, Evo-stik and Prittstick provide non-latex varieties. A lot of airbeds have latex, but the inflatable beds by Worlds Apart Ready Beds are latex-free. For latex-free earphones and earbuds, look for brands such as HMV, SkullCandy and Philips, which are typically made from silicone or polyurethane.

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