What Are Common Interview Questions for a CNA Role?


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Certified nursing assistant (CNA) questions pertain mostly to the previous nursing experience and education of the person being interviewed, but can also encompass other types of work history and life experiences. These questions gauge a candidate's relevant experience and personality.

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One of the most commonly asked interview questions for a CNA is why the individual wants to work as a CNA. This question assesses a candidate's passion for the field and also opens the floor for her to discuss personal experiences.

Another popular question is where the person being interviewed wants to be 5 or 10 years into the future. Based on the answer to this question, the interviewer gains insight into the goals and planning ability of the applicant. This question should be answered realistically, but should also display one's desire to move forward in the nursing industry. Expressing a desire to achieve an LPN or RN certification is a positive way to answer this question.

Some questions a CNA faces are industry specific. For instance, an interviewer could ask the CNA how she ensures a seamless shift transfer in a 24/7 operation. This question primarily seeks to measure a candidate's grasp of basic nursing knowledge and techniques.

During a job interview, an interviewer might also ask about a candidate's grades during school. While having bad grades may not exclude a potential applicant from getting the job, good grades indicate that the candidate is dedicated to being a nurse and willing to work hard to make it happen.

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