What Are Some Common Interview Questions That Are Asked of Prospective Maintenance Mechanics?


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Common interview questions for prospective maintenance mechanics revolve around knowledge of equipment and cabling, tools necessary to perform the job, and previous experience and education in maintenance mechanics. Candidates may be asked questions such as "What are the skills required to be a good maintenance mechanic?" during the interview.

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Candidates may also be asked how to perform primary duties of a mechanic. For example, the interviewer may ask "How do you maintain tools?" "What is the procedure for diagnosing an HVAC problem?" or "How do you assess damage to machinery?"

Maintenance mechanics are expected to have certifications or education in maintenance mechanics. Therefore, interviewers may ask about courses completed, skills learned while training or academic performance. Questions such as "What was the most rewarding aspect of your training?" or "How prepared are you to enter the field of maintenance mechanics?" to assess readiness for the job.

Companies who hire maintenance mechanics are often seeking individuals with strong communication, organizational and problem solving skills. Routine interview questions such as "How would you describe your communication skills?" "How do you typically organize and prioritize your workload?" and "What is your approach to problem solving?" help the interviewer to assess the thought process and skills of the job candidate.

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